Debt Restructure For Your Corporate Turnaround

The Problem: Too Corporate Debt

Debt restructure may be the answer for many small businesses that are experiencing the overwhelming burden of business and corporate debt; much the same way that individual families do, except on a larger scale. Business owners often make the mistake of borrowing excessive amounts of working capital against their revenue to keep the business afloat. Soon they have to borrow again to pay on the previous debt. The debt continues to grow until all the business’ profitability is depleted and the business owner is either forced to closed the doors or go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The fact is that many of these companies can be saved and returned to profitability with debt restructure. Why do many business owners ignore this option and struggle on for months or years until the business can no longer support the debt service and the business collapses?  The most likely answer is that many smaller business owners are not aware of a way out of debt that will save their businesses. 

If you, the business owner knew of a way to consolidate those debts that are draining your cashflow and destroying your business, a way to satisfy your creditors and restore stability, wouldn’t you prefer this to losing your business? Of course you would! 

Good News!  Help is on the way!

Business Money Source is in contact with an established company that specializes in corporate debt restructuring. This particular company will work with you and your creditors to reduce your debt to a manageable level.

They have worked with over 10,000 companies and successfully resolved over 50,000 business debts from all different types of business creditors.  

Most business owners are diligent about repaying their business debt. They usually fall behind because of circumstances outside of their control.  There may be a sudden change in the demand for their goods and services that reduces revenue.  There may have been a family crisis or natural disaster that caused overwhelming financing loss. There may have been an increase in competition from other businesses.  These kinds of situations and any number of other reasons can force a business to become delinquent in paying its’ bills.  

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How Debt Restructure Works

Debt restructure works by contracting this third party company to negotiate reduced payments with your business’ creditors, with terms and conditions that are acceptable to you.  This also makes sense to your creditors. They would rather receive smaller payments over a longer period of time than to have you go out of business and not receive any repayment of the debt.

Debt restructure is not another loan to further burden your bottom line. It is a reorganization of your company’s finances to bring you debts back in line with your revenue. The restructuring gives your business “breathing room” and gives you the peace of mind of not having to deal with the stress of creditors pressuring your for payments every month.  

A Case Study Of Debt Restructuring For Illustration

A business owner, let’s call him Mortimer, owns and operates a computer, electronics & appliance store.  He has been in business for 10 years.  Mortimer has been hit hard in recent years by circumstances affecting his business that he can’t control.  The Great Recession took a toll on his monthly cash flow.  He managed to hang on by reducing his own salary, laying off one half of his sales force and obtaining multiple merchant cash advances over subsequent years.  These cash advance repayments further cut into Mortimer’s revenue. 

Then, just as the economy began to improve and his business began to recover, a big box chain store builds a new store down the block, siphoning off Mortimer’s customers with lower prices.  The increased competition forced Mortimer to lower his prices, which in turn, further reduced his profit margin.  

The third factor that negatively impacted Mortimer’s business is the increasing popularity of online purchases. Competition from e-commerce companies forced Mortimer to offer online purchases through his own website and online catalog.

Mortimer finally realized that if he continued with the burden of his current monthly debt, his business would not survive.  His once lucrative business is now unprofitable due to the overburdening debt.

Mortimer was desperate when he contacted Business Money Source in an attempt to obtain yet another loan for debt consolidation.  After reviewing Mortimer’s business financial information, Business Money Source concluded that a convention debt consolidation was not feasible. Business Money Source then introduced Mortimer to the third party company for debt restructure.  The Debt Restructuring company reviewed Mortimer’s business financial statements and negotiated with his creditors to reduced debt repayments. Now Mortimer’s creditors are happy that they are receiving payments consistently each month. Mortimer is happy that he can once again concentrate on building his business rather than dealing with angry creditors every month.

How To Begin The Debt Restructuring Process

If you are a business owner who finds yourself in a situation like Mortimer, having a business with solid revenue but having that revenue eaten up by overwhelming debt, then contact Business Money Source by clicking the link here: Debt Restructure Inquiry Form


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