Equipment Leasing May Offer You More Benefits Than An Equipment Purchase

equipment leasing benefits

A Simple Lease (Rental)

Equipment leasing usually consists of a simple lease. A simple lease (or rental) gives you, the lessee use and control of the equipment for an agreed period for a set cost. A lease with the possibility of purchase offers you the opportunity to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease, if all the payments have been paid in full. Some common pieces of equipment that are regular leased, either because of their high initial cost or because of propensity for quick obsolescence are: passenger and private aircraft, large trucks and delivery vans, heavy construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, automobile fleets, computers, office copiers and multi-user software.

Leases provide a viable option for start – up companies to acquire equipment when they have not generated any revenue. Smaller leases, those below $100,000 can often be obtained on the personal credit of the owners of the company. Leases for $100,000 or less are fairly easy to obtain with a minimum amount of paperwork. Leases for $100,000 or less are often called “small ticket” leases. Larger leases of $100,000 require much more detailed application with a thorough credit analysis of your company.

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Who Are The Main Players?

The leasing company and the equipment seller are usually not the same entities. This is not always apparent to the business owner. When you find the equipment that you need and you inform the seller that you want to lease, the seller refers you to a leasing company. The leasing company actually purchases the equipment and leases it to you.  

There are many benefits to leasing vs. buying the equipment that you need. Some have been mentioned elsewhere on the business-money-source website.

Some Equipment Leasing Benefits are:

  • Allow you to grow your business faster by not having to wait to build revenue to purchase the equipment you need
  • Annual tax benefits
  • Better control of your cash flow with manageable monthly payments
  • Free from the worry and hassle of disposing of old and obsolete equipment
  • Free – up your capital for other purposes
  • Increased leverage in acquiring the equipment and services
  • Interest earned on the money that you did not have to spend on equipment
  • Protection against obsolescence of technical equipment

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