Is Cheap Web Hosting or Free Website Hosting Right For Your Business?


What Is Cheap Web Hosting?

Cheap web hosting opportunities are plentiful throughout the World Wide Web. Cheap may not be the best adjective here. In our description "cheap" only applies to the relative cost of the hosting service and not to the overall quality. Although in some cases the old axiom may be true here: “You get want you pay for”.

You choice of web hosting costs will depend on two primary factors: the purpose of your website and your budget.

The purpose of Your Website

What is the primary focus of your website? Is it going to be an integral part of you business, your main business component (as in internet marketing) or will it be an online brochure?

The purpose of your website is important in determining whether or not you will use a low cost host because many cheap web hosting sites may have more downtime than your business can tolerate. If you are depending on your website to generate income, you want a host to be online 99 – 100% of the time. However, if your site is more of an online brochure for your “brick and mortar” business, you may be able to tolerate more downtime. In now case should you consider low price or free web hosting that is not online at least 98% of the time.

The amount of disk space that your hosting service will provide for you site is also an important consideration. Many lower cost sites will offer from 5 - 75 GB of storage space. You will have to make sure the amount of disk space is sufficient for your business. Naturally ecommerce web site hosting will require much more space than a 10-page brochure site.

Your Budget For Website Hosting

You can find website hosting to fit almost any business budget now. There is low cost hosting for less than $5.00 per month to around $300.00 per month for a dedicated server for your business. You should probably not have to spend more than $30.00 per month for a great full service web hosting service. You will only need to go to the high end if you have a very large company or one with high security concerns. 

5 things you should consider when choosing the best web host

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