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Business Money Source launched the “One Million Dollar Summer” on 1st of June!

The “One Million Dollar Summer” marketing campaign will end on September 21st.

What is the “One Million Dollar Summer”?

Business Money Source is a financial intermediary that generates revenue as a percentage of the loan amounts that are closed on behalf or our clients.

BMS has set a revenue goal of $1,000,000 in commissions to be realized as a result of Financial Procurement Contracts created between 1st June and 21st September!

How Can You Participate in the “One Million Dollar Summer”?

BMS is soliciting your help in achieving our ambitious goal and we are willing to share the rewards with you. You can participate in the “One Million Dollar Summer” by referring your associates, friends, customers and clients who are seeking business financing and/or commercial real estate loans.

BMS is willing to share 20% of our commission fee with anyone whose referral results in a successful transaction close.

That means for you, there is a potential $200,000 in Referral Fees on the table. (20% of $1,000,000)

The only question that you must ask yourself is, “how much of the $200,000 do you want?”

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How Does It All Work?

  1. Meet someone or know of someone who is seeking a business or commercial loan, preferably minimum amount of $50,000.
  2. Get the contact information (name, email, phone, address) and tell them that you would like to refer them to someone who may be able to help them.
  3. Submit your Referral’s contact information and your own contact information.
  4. BMS will contact your Referral and determine the feasibility of funding request.
  5. BMS will notify you if deal is worth pursuing or not.
  6. If your Referral is passed on to a lender/investor for funding, you will be kept abreast of the progress.
  7. When the loan closes, you will receive 20% of the success fee (commission) paid to BMS. If the loan does not close for whatever reason, neither Business Money Source nor you, the Referrer will receive compensation.

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