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Business Money Source works with business owners and managers who are seeking various forms of business financing by connecting them with efficient and ethical funding sources via this website.

BMS is dedicated to assisting you in acquiring accounts receivable financing, asset based financing, bridge loans, business cash advances, business financing, church loans, commercial loans, construction loans, equipment financing, equipment leasing, factoring, hard money loans, international business loans, large project loans, medical accounts receivables, merchant accounts, purchase order financing, small business loans, working capital and any other kind of business funding that you may require.

"This is a great website! I will be spending sometime here. Already bookmarked it! Thank you Jim!" -- Dana L.(CA)

Who Benefits From Our Service

You need alternative sources of business financing in these tough economic times. You are probably asking yourself, “Where is my bailout?” This is a fair question in light of the recent mega-dollar bailouts of the largest banks. There is a saying that every solution creates another problem. The bailouts saved the big banks from collapse. However for the most part those big banks did not deem it necessary to pay their good fortune forward in the way of loans to small businesses like yours.

The owner or manager of virtually any private business or organization seeking financing from $10,000 - $100 million or more can benefit from using the funding sources on this website. Fill out the short Initial Inquiry Business Loans Form to begin the conversation on your funding needs.

On the contrary, the old banking rule remains true in the new economy: You can get money from a bank if you can prove that you don’t need the money in the first place!

Business Money Source can show you where and how to get the type of business funding in the amount and terms that makes economic sense for you.

Why should you use this website?

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of financial websites offering all types of business funding. The majority of these sites are usually one of two extremes:

The first kind of website is so massive that you are overwhelmed by the number of options and offers. You can spend hours or even days trying to sort through all the information. After all the time spent, you are still unsure of which offer is best you.

The second type is a brochure type with a few pages and a telephone number to contact a sales representative. There are few, if any, options offered on this type of website.

This website fills the void between these two extremes. You will find this to be a straight forward website that is easy to navigate. Here, you will also find the right mixture of small business loans, commercial loans, working capital, start up funding and business services that you will need on a regular basis as your business grows and prospers.

Fill out the short form here to begin the process to acquire the business money that you are seeking: Initial Inquiry Business Loans Form.

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