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Volume 9, Issue 1 July, 2019
July 25, 2019

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Volume 9 Issue 1------------------------------------------ July, 2019

What is Working Capital and How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

Working capital is a general term that simply means money that you have put to work to operate, maintain, grow or expand your business. This capital normally comes from the revenue generated from the sale of the goods and services of a healthy business. Other times the working capital is obtained with a business loan.

Most businesses experience slow sales and/or unexpected expenses at some point. These businesses will require short term funding to get through the rough spot. There also may be times that a business will need funding for expansion or operations.

Business Money Source, LLC offers many kinds of lending programs from various funding sources. It is very likely there is one or more of our lending programs will suit your financial needs and business objectives.

Start today and get money for your business by filling out the Initial Business Form and give a brief description of your business financial needs.

Some Tips To Use When Applying For A Business Loan

When applying for a working capital loan, make sure that you know the answers to the following questions. This is important to give yourself and the funding source a clear understanding of your business objectives. Here are some questions that may help:

Why Do You Need A Loan?

It sounds basic but you need to know and be able to articulate the purpose of the loan, how much you will need and how you will repay the loan.

How Quickly Need The Loan?

Ideally, you want time to research your loan options and make an informed decision. You can often plan for slow periods, especially if your business is a seasonal one, and apply for a loan well in advance of the slow period in your revenue.

How Quickly Will You See ROI (return on investment) From The Borrowed Money?

The underlying purpose of any business loan is to increase your revenue. It is important that your lender knows that you know when your business will realize the increase ROI.

How Much Capital Do You Need?

When applying for a business loan, you must be specific about the loan applied for and be able to justify that amount.

What Type of Loan Do You Need?

There are many types of business loans. It can become confusing trying to decide which type of funding is right for your business. There is where a business funding consultant like Business Money Source can be invaluable in helping you make the right financial decision.

Do You Have Collateral To Secure The Loan?

Unsecured business loans can be obtained in for smaller amounts, $5,000 - $100,000. Most funding sources will require some kind of collateral for larger loan amounts. Common collateral desired by lenders are real estate, business revenue or business equipment.

The main point here is that no lender will give you a signature loan for $1,000,000. You will need to be able to secure the loan with adequate collateral.

Apply For A Working Capital Loan (USA Only)

Start today and get money for your business by filling out the Initial Business Form

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In this Special Report, you'll learn about a Brand *NEW* System that builds strong business credit, fast, and can take you from having little or no business credit to six-figures in business credit within 12 months: SixFigureBizCreditCourse

Commercial Truck Financing

This financing program can also provide financing for truck repairs. Major engine and transmission overhauls will cost $20,000 or more. Don’t lose business because of a broken truck.

This truck-financing program is available in USA only. Canadian inquiries will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Go to this link for more information and to get started: ComTruFinForm

Questions Or Comments On Other Business Financing

Go to the Business Money Source website and fill out the contact form with any questions or comments that you may have: ConUsPage2
Your information will not be shared or traded with any other business or private entity.

Refer Businesses To Business Money Source

Please go to the Business Money Source website for more information on the BMS Referral Program:

Go to the link below to register with Business Money Source as a Referrer or to refer a client seeking business financing:

This Month’s Business Survival Tip

Get A Business-Line-Of-Credit of $10,000 - $150,000 Quickly! (USA Only)

This is a great funding source for start-up entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners who need working capital!

A business-line-of-credit (BLOC) can provide the seed money to start your business, to take advantage of a great real estate deal or for any other worthwhile business purpose! Don’t miss an opportunity to get funding because your banker said, “no”.

Please click on the link below & fill out the short secure form to get a business line-of-credit now!

Promote Your Business With Online Classified Ads

Promote your online or brick and mortar business with online classified advertising. Learn more about online classified advertising go to the Business Money Source website here:

You may also download the free report “Online Classified Ads” by clicking on the link below: Bullock/12_Tipsnew2wplaceholderlinks.pdf

Please Use The Following Links To Get Started In Funding Your Business Or Project

For Micro-Cap commercial real estate short term loan

To register as a Referrer and refer a business loan seeker

For business and personal lines-of-credit:

For corporate turnaround and debt restructuring for your business:

For other business loans:

For other business loans:

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