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Volume 10, Issue 7 December, 2020
December 31, 2020
Happy New Year!

Here is your latest issue of BM$ Success Newsletter – the companion newsletter to the "Business-Money-Source" website.

This Month’s Featured Business Financial Product: Short-Term Unsecured Banks Loans For The New Year

Volume 10 Issue 7------------------------------------------ December, 2020

Observe COVID 19 Precautions!

Practice social distancing, wash hands and face frequently, limit to groups of 10 or less and always wear a mask in public.
Even though the pandemic rages on there is still a viable lending program for existing businesses in the United States to keep your business solvent and growing.

This loan program is especially suitable for restaurants and other “cash and carry” businesses listed below that are still operating with reduced but consistent monthly revenue.

Automotive Repair and Service

Barber Shops, Salons, Spas

Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians

Restaurants, Bars, Caterers, Bakeries, Specialty Food, Liquor Stores

Many other Brick and Mortar Retail Establishments

Does My Business Qualify For A Short-Term Loan?

1) Length of time in business (minimum 12 months)

2) Personal credit score (minimum 551)

3) Minimum annual revenue $100,000/year)

4) Business must have one or more physical “brick & mortar” location(s)

5) Business owner has a mortgage or owns home (not owning home does not disqualify from getting a loan but my affect the kind of loan available).

6) The business owner can have a maximum of 2 outstanding merchant cash advances.

7) The maximum loan amount at the time of this writing is $450,000 for a single business location and $675,000 for multiple locations.

8) Flexible repayment terms to fit your business situation.

Loan terms are customized to fit your business needs:

Interest-Only Flex Pay: Get the lowest payment possible, paying only interest for the first 5 months of your loan term.

Lines-of-Credit: Get access to a no-fee line-of-credit for unexpected expenses or to take advantage of new opportunities to grow your business.

Flex-Pay Loans: If your revenue is low now but expected to rise, a flex pay loan allows you to defer up to 50% of the principal into the future, resulting in low payments now.

To learn more about how to get money for you business, please go to this link and fill out the short secure application. You could be days away from getting the business money that you need:


This Month’s Business Survival Tip:

75% Loan-To-Value Commercial Property Loans

$500,000 - $5,000,000 Loan amount

Hotels/Motels – Franchised only – Purchase or Refinance - No construction

Gas Stations – Branded only – Purchase or Refinance

R.V. Parks – Good quality only - Purchase or Refinance

Multi-Use (Office/Retail/Warehouse) – Purchase or Refinance

To learn more about the 75% Loan-To-Value Program:


$5 Million - $13 Million Other Commercial Property Loans

These loans are for car/truck/motorcycle/boat dealerships & repair shops, light industrial, heavy industrial – factory & manufacturing, funeral homes, charter schools, daycare centers, commercial assisted living facilities, restaurant bars (new or newly renovated) and other commercial properties.

4.65% and up fixed interest rate

Minimum FICO score 625

15 to 30 day possible closing after all the application documents are submitted.

To learn more about loans for commercial properties:

Questions Or Comments On Other Business Financing

Go to the Business Money Source website and fill out the contact form with any questions or comments that you may have: ConUsPage2
Your information will not be shared or traded with any other business or private entity.

More Links To Get Started In Funding Your Business Or Project

For other business loans:

Business Loan Inquiry Form

For corporate turnaround and debt restructuring for your business:

Restructure Business Debt

Know Someone Who Is Seeking A Business Loan Or Real Estate Financing?

To register as a Referrer and refer a business loan request:

Refer A Deal

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