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This Month’s Featured Business Financial Product:

Hard Money Loans

Since the economic crash of 2008, the availability of capital and the tightening of credit restrictions have made it difficult for commercial property owners of all kinds to obtain financing. One solution for short term commercial financing is called hard money loans. Private investors usually make a hard money loan to commercial real estate owners, investors and developers. Hard money loans may be acquired even if the borrower has had some financial distress in the past. These loans are not bound by the regulations that restrict conventional lenders. The loans are made at the discretion of the investors who money is put at risk.

For these reasons hard money loans have long been the standard financing instrument for real estate investors and businesspersons to acquire quick short term project funding. Even though this type of financing is expensive in terms of interest rates when compared to conventional financing, the terms and speed of the transaction made it viable for quick turnaround situations such as “rehab projects” and “flipping” properties or to close on a “hot deal”. You may be able to acquire a hard money loan in as little as 7 – 10 business days.

Another advantage in obtaining a hard money loan is that the lenders place more emphasis on the quality, value and earning potential of the property than on your personal credit history. This enables you to acquire the money that you need in order to take maximum advantage of your investment project.

Business Money Source has several new sources to provide hard money loans locally, regionally and nationally.

For more information on hard money loans

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This Month’s Business Survival Tip:

Purchase Order Financing

Have you just landed a large order from an established company or a government agency? That’s the good news! The bad news is that you find yourself in a “Catch 22” situation.

You can make money and build your company’s reputation by filling the order but you don’t have the cash or credit to purchase the raw materials needed to complete order. That is the purpose of purchase order financing; to provide your company with the working capital it needs!

You use P.O.financing to purchase the materials to fulfill the order. The P.O. lender is repaid directly by your customer when the order is filled less your profit. Problem solved!

Purchase order financing is a form of short term financing that can be utilized by businesses that need capital to produce or deliver a product or service to a customer. Like other forms of short term financing, PO financing is more expensive than a conventional bank loan.

Underwriting Criteria

Business Money Source has funding programs that range from $50,000 to $25 million or more in PO financing. It is possible to get 100% financing of your project with the use this form of financing. Some addition criteria that the funding source will consider:

  • The length of time you have been in business – should be at least one year.
  • The credit strength of your customer.
  • Have you dealt with the customer or a similar customer before – in other words do you know the business and what is entailed in fulfilling the order.

More information on P.O.financing.

Apply for Purchase Order Financing

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