Volume 1, Issue 1, November, 2010

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This Month’s Featured Business Financial Product

Church Financing

Many churches find themselves in financial trouble during tough economic times. Some churches have been hit especially hard when a large percentage of their members have lost jobs. If you find your church to be in a similar situation, there are programs to help your church even it is close to or in foreclosure. This program will refinance your current loan with interest payments only of up to 3 years. The maximum LTV this type of financing can be no more than 65%. There may also be some help for churches in bankruptcy.

Has your church been blessed to grow beyond your wildest expectations? Are you approaching Mega-church status and need money for expansion? You can obtain church financing of up to $70,000,000, fully amortized over a 30-year term with no balloon payment!

Please address all inquiries for church financing and the needs for your church building project on the “contact us” form on the Business-Money-Source.com website.

This Month’s Business Survival Tip

Has Ford Motor Company shown the way for businesses large and small to cope with these tough economic times? Ford has terminated its’ Mercury line of automobiles after 69 years of production. Currently Ford is the best selling brand of American automobiles with a market share of 16%. Mercury products only made up 1%. This relatively small amount of sales volume does not justify all the tooling, materials, production and marketing costs to make and sell Mercury’s anymore. Ford’s decision followed General Motors dropping Oldsmobile a few years ago and then the Pontiac brand last year. Chrysler also left the Plymouth marquee to the annals of history.

The proliferation of computer design in the 1980’s, 90’s and the first decade of the 21st century led an almost overwhelming increase in products and options from almost every company in every industry. Though this trend continues, many companies like Ford are finding out that too much of a good thing may be counterproductive.

We have all been overwhelmed by choices, whether it is cereal in the supermarket, buying a cellular phone or an automobile. There are just too many choices for everything!

Are you overwhelming your customers or clients with too many choices? We often think that we have to offer a large variety of products in order to compete with the big box and mega stores of the world. Everyone doesn’t enjoy those superstores with more isles than a small city! I know I don’t!

It may be wise to reduce some of your product lines. Help your customers make good choices for themselves without overwhelming them to the point that they delay the sale.

I don’t know… just saying! Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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